Over 30 years serving SW Florida


Services Offered

 investigations - civil and criminal

       criminal records
       driving history
       Vehicle tag search
       national comp reports
       videos/photos/Security Cameras
       GPS Locators

Tenant Screening

       Eviction Search
       Credit Checks
       Comp Reports
       Sexual Offender
       Employment Verification
       Driving History
       Criminal Records

Pre-Employment Screening

       criminal records
       Social Security Verification
       driving history
       credit checks
       Sexual Offender

Armed Personal Protection

       g licensed - trained

Security & Identity Theft Protection

       Free Mitigation Training
       Employee and Personal Identity Theft Plans

                   (Service Provider is an A Rated Company Krolls)

          Prices as low as $14.95 a month includes Significant other.

       Encryption for Computers to Protect Data 
       Control data
       Anti Virus Software


Process Service

       Regular Service
       Rush - Same Day Service
       Hourly Service